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Sports Ambassadors Summer Term 2019

This term the School Games Values are at the centre of our challenge alongside two physical activities
Use the pack below to present Throwing and Jumping Challenges. Plus design posters, torches and write poems to enter into the School Games Competitions!

Download - Sports ambassadors summer term pack


We are looking for primary schools who are interested in providing a placement for a Y12 BTEC Sports Leader. Please click the button to download full details

Leaders ensure events can be run; KS1 festivals, School Games competitions, participation festivals and 'Come and Try It' events all rely on volunteer leaders. Volunteering has always been about helping others – but it can also help you. There are so many benefits:

  • Try out new types of work
  • Get experience that looks good on your CV
  • Make a difference to the lives of people in your community
  • Learn new skills like leadership, problem solving, and working in a team
  • Improve your confidence, initiative and self -awareness
  • Get training and qualifications
  • Meet new people and make contacts that could lead to offers of paid work
  • Get references to use in job applications
  • Get satisfaction from doing something useful!

As a leader you will use life skills, be a role model and inspire! Children say:

“Leaders make you feel happy because they want you to have a good time”

“The best leaders make sure everyone gets to join in”

And from a Leader:
“Once you volunteer you can see you gain more than you give. You see how much difference you can make”

Get involved – Jump in – It’s worth it. Believe in yourself – believe you can make a difference.

HWSSP Leadership and Volunteering opportunities

Play Leaders/ Sporting Ambassadors /Sports Crew

Sports Leaders Secondary

Saracens Rugby Leaders Award

Sports UK Level 1,2 and 3

Apprentices  Level 2, 3

Level 5 and Level 6  Teacher/T.A




More Information About Leadership Programmes

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